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E-Piim Transport E-PIIM
OÜ E-PIIM Transport is a subsidiary of PÜ E-PIIM, which was established at the end of 2006. The company provides mainly transport services with milk collection tank trucks as well as transporters. The company’s car pool includes seven tank trucks with tank trailers built for the transport of food products, a refrigerator van with a trailer (cargo capacity 20 tons), two trucks with a fifth wheel coupling, two refrigerator semitrailers and curtain sider semitrailers and a somewhat smaller refrigerator van (cargo capacity 3 tons). We provide domestic as well as foreign transport. The company has 20 employees.
Contact Indrek Kallion Indrek Kallion
Board Member

Marina Vaino Marina Vaino
tel. +372 775 2082
fax +372 775 2084

VAT identification number: EE101107307
Registration number: 11318751
Hansapank bank account 221034208013
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